Construction of our Stearman PT-13D was completed by the Boeing Aircraft Company at the Stearman Aircraft Division factory in Wichita, Kansas. Our girl was accepted into the US Army Air Corp inventory in the summer of 1944 as serial number 42-17506. On July 4, 1944, she was transferred to 3039 BU, 4AD, War Eagle Field, California to begin her service as a primary trainer.

On December 20, 1944 she was assigned to the Polaris Flight Academy, 3043rd BU, 4AD, Lancaster, California where she was used solely for training Royal Air Force cadets for England. On July 6, 1945, she was transferred to the 3008th BU 4AD, Mather Field, Sacramento, CA to again train US Army Air Corp cadets. On February 25, 1946 she was transferred to the Army Flying School, 2533rd BU, 4AD, Goodfellow Field, San Angelo, TX where she faithfully served until May 22, 1947. She was then placed in storage until January 19, 1949.

Our Stearman began her civilian life in the Texas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol teaching CAP cadets to fly at the Bryan Air Force Base, Bryan, Texas. Her tour with the CAP ended on July 12, 1949 when she was stricken from U.S. Air Force records and sold at auction for $734.

After her purchase, she rested for nearly 30 years in a Texas barn, until she was fully restored and flown as an “Exhibition” airplane at airshows until late 1979. She was again put away until 2010 when Denny Caruso of Caruso Air Service in St. Mary’s Pennsylvania discovered her. Denny, a master who specializes in Stearman restorations, returned her to her original condition in late 2011. At the time of restoration, she had logged a total of 718 hours, making her one of the lowest time Stearman airplanes in existence today.

Our Maule M-7-235C is the perfect plane to connect you to your Arizona backcountry adventure. Manufactured in the USA by Maule Air, Inc., the M-7 “Super Rocket” can be loaded with 73 gallons of fuel which gives this 235 HP workhorse extended endurance and capability. A four-door fuselage design gives the M-7 easy cabin entry/exit and access to its cavernous cargo area. The Modular Cabin design allows us to quickly change the seating/cargo configuration to fit the needs of your excursion. We can configure the airplane to accommodate the Pilot plus 4 passengers; the Pilot plus 3 passengers and luggage or the Pilot and 1 passenger plus approximately 42 cu. ft. of cargo area.

Andy has had his head in the clouds since he was in kindergarten. At the age of 12, he was introduced to flying by his 6th grade teacher, a Certified Flight Instructor, and that was it. Riding his bike to the airport every weekend until he was hired as a line boy at age 14, sweeping out hangars, washing airplanes and taking out the trash, Andy began taking flying lessons in anything with wings. From a Piper J-3 Cub, Luscombe 8-A,Taylorcraft L-2 to a Bellanca Decathlon and Cessna 210, Andy cemented his passion for flying airplanes by soloing all of them on his 16th birthday.

After obtaining his Private, Instrument, Commercial and Multi-Engine ratings, Andy worked a variety of aviation jobs, including banner towing, dropping skydivers, flying aerial surveys and ferrying airplanes.

While attending college at San Jose State University, Andy worked as an intern at the NASA - Ames Research Center, Moffett Field NAS, Sunnyvale, CA. Andy’s role as a Research Pilot earned him his wings in a Learjet and Boeing 727, paving the way to his present career as an Airline Pilot. Andy has enjoyed his 36-year career as a Captain, Check Airman and Management Pilot. Andy has remained active in General Aviation, serving as a Flight Instructor in conventional gear and radial engine airplanes.